L’Oreal Commercial

Steven Miller Design Studio is featured in a L’Oreal commercial.

HGTV: Double Take 

The premise of this show is to take high-end inspiration rooms from accomplished designers and then create a more budget-conscious version, from swanky dining rooms to minimalist bedrooms. The living room we designed for Via Los Altos was the inspiration room for this episode: the concept, look and many custom details of the original room are recreated and sourced for those on a much tighter budget. You can view the episode on HGTV’s website; it’s Episode HTAKE-103, “Greek Living Room.”

HGTV:I Want That! Baths 
This show highlights the latest design trends and coolest new products. You’ll find Steven Miller’s own basement wetroom featured in the special Baths episode, showcasing his modern, efficient conception. To view, watch episode HIWTB-208.

HGTV:Homes Across America 
This show features homes that are cool and unique across the U.S., whether they are designer homes or just someone’s abode that highlights the owner’s singular sense of style. Steven Miller’s home was featured in this episode, highlighting many of the details and features that make it uniquely his.